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There are other reasons to get a professional teeth cleaning besides granting you a fresher, brighter smile. Did you know that having your teeth cleaned professionally is essential to your overall dental health, even if you’re a conscientious brusher and flosser? Here’s why. Why Brushing and Flossing Aren’t Enough Plaque buildup is the leading cause […]

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Dental Care and Pregnancy

Planning to Start a Family?  If possible, try to make a dental appointment before getting pregnant. That way, your teeth can be professionally cleaned, gum tissue can be carefully examined, and any oral health problems can be treated in advance of your pregnancy.  You’re Pregnant, Now What?  Well, first off – CONGRATULATIONS!  Please let us know if […]

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No extra costs. We follow the Fee Guide.

At Sundance Dental, we proudly follow the new 2023 Alberta Dental Fee Guide. We believe wholeheartedly in helping Albertans receive the quality dental care they need at a transparent and affordable cost. We understand that many people are concerned about the cost of dental care, and unfortunately, many necessary ailments go untreated because people are […]

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