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Look & Feel Great with Dentures

Dentures don’t just replace missing teeth, they improve the appearance of your smile and can increase self-esteem while supporting your facial muscles and speech.

You may require dentures because of missing teeth from an accident or an oral health issue like gum disease. Our team is here to help restore your smile and improve your overall health.

For more information about your oral health and if you can benefit from dentures, visit our office today.

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Complete & Partial Dentures

Complete dentures replace all of your teeth. This type of denture is held in by suction and can be removed when needed. To create complete dentures, your dentist will take measurements of your jaw and extract any teeth needed from your mouth.

Partial dentures are used to replace only a few missing teeth. They are held securely in place by clasps that fit onto the nearby teeth. Partial dentures can also be removed when needed.

Your dentist can assess your teeth and gum health to determine what type of dentures are best for your dental needs.

Proper Denture Care Tips

Your dentures need the same TLC as your natural teeth. Your dentures can still acquire plaque and tartar build up that can spread to your natural teeth and gums, resulting in further oral health issues.

To clean your dentures, remove them from your mouth and rinse off any food particles. Once rinsed, use a soft toothbrush and denture cleaner to scrub off bacteria from the clasps and all surfaces. At night, soak your dentures in a cup of warm water to give your mouth a rest.

Dedicated to Bright, Healthy Smiles

A healthy smile is not only important to your overall health, but it radiates joy for the world to see. For a beautifully captivating smile, visit your dentist today! Schedule your next appointment and together we can achieve your goals.

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