Digital Xrays & iTero in Calgary

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Enhancing Convenience, Comfort, & Accuracy

We aim to make your dental experience positive and comfortable at Sundance Dental Clinic. With digital dentistry, we’re transforming your dental visits. Gone are the days of traditional X-rays where you had to bite down on uncomfortable film while the dentist operated the machine from behind a protective shield. 

Digital dentistry has transformed this process. We now use a small sensor connected to a computer to produce high-resolution images that can be enlarged or manipulated as needed. This technology provides clearer images, reduces the waiting time, and exposes you to significantly less radiation, making your dental visits safer and more efficient.

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Why Do Dentists Need Scans of Your Teeth?

Digital X-rays, or digital radiography, give us a comprehensive view of your oral health. They allow us to detect hidden tooth decay, bone infections, gum disease, and even tumors. Early detection is crucial—it enables us to treat potential issues in the earliest stages and when they’re easiest to manage. Dentists use these detailed scans to monitor, plan, and implement personalized treatment strategies.

iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner is another tool we use to enhance your dental care. This technology creates a highly detailed 3D model of your mouth, allowing us to plan your treatment with improved precision. These scans help us monitor changes in your teeth over time, which is essential when planning Invisalign and restorative dentistry treatments, including crowns, bridges, and veneers.

With iTero scans, we can achieve faster and more accurate results. Plus, we can show you the current state of your teeth and the results we aim to achieve, helping you understand your treatment plan better.

Experience the Benefits of Digital Dentistry

At Sundance Dental Clinic, we strive to make your dental experience positive. With digital dentistry, we can provide more details to educate you about your oral health, adding value to every visit. You’ll experience firsthand how we can make your dental check-ups more comfortable and your treatments more precise.

Schedule your appointment today—we can’t wait to show you the benefits of our modern approach to dentistry.

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